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Beta version 1109 released

This version improves ease of use and stability as we move towards making a Release version in the next month or so:

  • Changed the bleed test to now have a continue button with count down to bleed start
  • Fixed a problem on engine synchronization where an empty error message was displayed if the bike is not on operating temperature
  • Added realtime values for servo assisted Integral ABS - CAN
  • Simplified Service reminder reset procedure
  • Simplified Setup dialog and added a Options dialog
  • AutoScan also added to "model level" to make it easier to find
  • Updated GS-911 interface firmware
  • Improved printing support and added a print header for the Professional version
  • Added "Copy as HTML" to facilitate copying and pasting of reports into mail clients
  • Fixed a few minor bugs


The latest GS-911 Beta version for Windows is 1109.x and can be downloaded using the GS-911 Downloader from the downloads page or by using the "Check for update" button in the About Dialog.


As always, feedback to the HelpDesk is always appreciated!