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Mosambican beaches

Entry 13 : Mozambican beaches - sun and endless white, sandy beaches... as close to paradise as it gets!

Once we left George and his merry men, we headed for the beach! First stop: Inhassoro. A fantastic little place - rustic and still undeveloped, with a feeling that the crowds of holiday makers have not yet gotten to exploit this fantastic stretch of beach...
Thereafter it was of to Vilankulo, one of the more well known holiday spots on the central coast. As in most coastal villages, there are still plenty of fishermen that make there living going out on their dhows and selling the catch. Here we see the women rushing to the dhow, all rushing to get there first, in order to get the best of the catch!
We had some fantastic weather, and decided to make the most of it by taking a dhow to one of the nearby islands that form part of the Bazaruto Archipelago, where we spent the day snorkeling on one of the island's many reefs.
Not being low tide yet, the crew moves the dhow back a little, to make sure it does not get stranded on the reef as the tide moves out.
The island are as picture-perfect as one would expect. After spending almost two hours circumnavigating the island (waiting for the tide to go out to expose the reef) it was time to relax...
I really wish I had a waterproof camera! The fish are so plentiful, the best way I could describe the experience, would be to say it is like snorkeling in a tropical fish tank!The photo below does not do the statement any justice, but it does give you some idea of how plentiful the fish are... Here I'm standing on the beach (feet bone dry), taking a photo into the water, with the dhow hull in the background.
Before departing back to the mainland, the crew get rid of any excess water that has leaked into the dhow during the day... scary sight before boarding the vessel... ;-)
Captain, oh my captain! Sail up, captain Raymondo steers us toward the mainland.
...while we make the most of the quiet sailing time, to take a catnap...
From Vilankulo, we heded south to the beaches of Inhambane - the last of our beach R&R. Although they have of the world's most beautiful stretches of beaches, we were stuck indoors for 2 days while heavy downpours put a damper on our last beach experience.
According to our host, he measured around 150mm of rain in that 24 hour period.  More worrying to us, was a section of road to the south that had a detour of 20-30km that according to the locals, turns into a mud-bath  when it rains... 

Next up: in South Africa and the home stretch...