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New Beta version 1011 released!

This version has two major additions.  It has support for the older models that have the 3-pin Diagnostic Connector.  These models require our 3-pin Adapter.


The models that are covered with the 3pin adapter are as follows:

Model From year
To year  Engine Controller  ABS Controller
 R1100GS 1993 1999 MA2.2 ABSII
 R1100R 1994 2001 MA2.2 ABSII
 R1100RS 1993 2001 MA2.2 ABSII
 R1100RT 1995 2001 MA2.2 ABSII
 R850GS 1999 2002 MA2.2 ABSII
 R850R 1994 2003 MA2.2 ABSII
 R850RT 1998 2002 MA2.2 ABSII
 K1100LT 1994 1999 MA2.2 ABSII
 K1100RS 1994 1997 MA2.2 ABSII


We have also added the AutoScan functionality. This function will work on all CAN-bus enabled models. 1-click to get a summary report of a motorcycle which includes the ECU information as well as fault codes ("currently present" fault codes are highlighted in red). The report can also be printed as well as saved in .html format. 




The latest Beta version is 1011.x and can be downloaded using the GS-911 Downloader from the downloads page.