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New Beta version 1201 released

This version builds on the previous Beta versions. The main addition to this version is support for the iABS-CAN control unit (servo assisted ABS - generation 1), found in the early (2004-2007) models of R1200GS/A, R1200RT, R1200ST, K1200GT, K1200R and K1200S.

In addition to the iABS-CAN service functionality, Beta1201 also adds:


The latest GS-911 Beta version for Windows is 1109.x and can be downloaded using the GS-911 Downloader from the downloads page or by using the "Check for update" button in the About Dialog.


As always, feedback to the HelpDesk is always appreciated!


iABS-CAN service functionality

This brings service functionality to the first of the two servo-assisted ABS units.  This covers the integral/servo-assist ABS of the 1st generation of CAN-bus models (around 2004-2007). Functionality includes:

  • ABS Status (real-time values, like wheel-speed, sensor voltages, control circuit and wheel circuit pressures, etc.)
  • Brake Switch Adjustment Test (test the correctness of the switch position in the lever)
  • Bleed Tests (allows you to test the pressure in the circuits after bleeding (or at regular intervals), to ensure brakes are adequately bled)
  • Sensor Drift Test (tests the static pressure and stability of the pressure sensors)


Below is a screenshot of the iABS-CAN Status (real-time values).



Below is a screenshot depicting a successfully completed Sensor Drift Test.



 Below is the screenshot for the iABS-CAN Bleed test.



Once the Bleed Test starts, you are prompted to apply smooth force to the corresponding brake lever - This takes more force than one might think!!! don't forget to have your spinach before doing this test ;-)



Real-time scope

We required the graphing of the pressures for the Sensor Drift Test and continued to implement this as a "Scope" with which you can graph any real-time value in any of the Control units.  This currently auto-scales, and will require some fine-tuning - thus feedback is welcome...



Display of Engine Temperature during Throttle Body synchronization

When reading any of the well-documented Throttle Body Synchronization procedures, you will note that all of them warn you to be weary of the Engine temperature.  You should be using one or more fans to create airflow over the engine in order to cool it down... Now you can keep an eye on the Engine temperature in real-time, as you are synchronizing your Throttle Bodies!



One-button Service Reminder Reset

We didn't say much about this in the previous Beta, but have had a lot of feedback as to how great it works to have a single button Service Reminder Reset... clicking the button will set the service due mileage to 10,000km or 6,000mi on from your current odometer reading, and it will simultaneously set the service due date to 365 days on from your current date - all with the click of a button

Of course we still allow you to manually choose a date and mileage, should you wish to do so...