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New Beta version 1204 released

This version builds on the previous Beta versions (Beta 1201), that introduced the iABS-CAN Service functionality.

Beta 1204 adds the following:

  • Minor bugfixes to ABS3CAN (servo assisted Integral ABS)
  • Added ABS Lamp test and Operating time counters to ABS3CAN
  • Introduced BMSK family Fault Code Freeze Frame data
  • Updated Autoscan to include non-CAN bikes!
  • Added Vignition and Vbattery to Main display (bottom right)
  • Added RPM and Temp display on Lambda plots
  • Added "Rich" and "Lean" descriptions to Lambda plots for clarification
  • Updated datapack
  • Updated model range and VIN check to include Brazil plant
  • Added support for Fault Codes of new Instrument Panel of 2012 facelift (Kombi K46-1)


The latest GS-911 Beta version for Windows is 1204.x and can be downloaded using the GS-911 Downloader from the downloads page or by using the "Check for update" button in the About Dialog.


As always, feedback to the HelpDesk is always appreciated!


iABS-CAN Service functionality

In addition to the iABS-CAN Service functionality that was introduced in Beta 1201, this Beta adds the ABS Lamp Test and the Operating Time Counters.



BMSK-family Fault Code Freeze Frame data

Beta 1204 introduces Freeze-Frame data for the Fault Codes of the BMSK-family of Engine Control Units.  The Freeze-Frame data is a set of several variables at the time that the Fault occurred. A maximum of 3 sets of data are saved (This does not mean there will ALWAYS be 3 sets of data!).

In addition to the Freeze-Frame data we also show whether the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp or Check Engine light) would be set by this fault.

Also shown is the Logistic counter.  This is a counter that starts off with a value of 40, and decrements by one every time the ignition is cycled IF THE FAULT IS NO LONGER PRESENT. Once this counter reaches zero, the particular Fault Code will be removed from the Fault Memory. This counter is reset to 40 as soon as the Fault is present again!



AutoScan expanded to cover non-CAN models as well

As of this Beta 1204, the AutoScan, will work for ALL models that do not require a 3-pin adapter!  This means you can plug GS-911 into your F650GS Dakar or C1 or R1150GS and hit the AutoScan button!  This will search for the available control units and read their ECU info and scan for Fault Codes on all present control units.

The AutoScan report will be required when posting to the HelpDesk and should be added when asking for help on the Forum.  This way one knows the motorcycle model, one can identify the specific flavour of the Control units, and have an overview of ALL the Fault codes in Fault Memory!

Below is an AutoScan taken on a 2002 F650GS (R13):




Lambda Plot updates

The Lambda Plot has received some updates.  The following changes have been made:

  • a general good/green band has been added between 650mV and 200mV. If the Lambda voltage values oscillate over these values, it is generally accepted to be working correctly. Please NOTE that these are generic values and one should always refer to the Factory manual for the correct Factory values.
  • the addition of the Rich and Lean labels for clarification.
  • the display of RPM and Engine Temperature values (if they were selected in the real-time values).


Below a Lambda plot is shown for a 2010 R1200GS Adventure: