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New Beta version 1210 released

This version builds on the previous Beta versions (Beta 1207).

Beta 1210 adds the following:

  • Adding RDC (Tire Pressure) functionality - Learning new Sensors and real-time data (sensor data)
  • AutoScan improvement: adding an I-level summary to the motorcycle info section
  • AutoScan improvement: adding a Clear all Codes button - a one-button-solution to clearing Fault codes in all Control modules
  • Fixed the Tank-venting valve Output test for the BMSK family
  • Changed the wording for the MA2.4 Tank-venting valve Output test
  • for non-CAN bikes, if the ABS module TYPE could not be identified, the user is warned that GS-911 will only show limited ABS functions.
  • Improved USB driver installation
  • New updated Firmware version
  • General minor bug fixes and wording changes


The latest GS-911 Beta version for Windows is 1207.x and can be downloaded using the GS-911 Downloader from the downloads page or by using the "Check for update" button in the About Dialog.


As always, feedback to the HelpDesk is always appreciated!


RDC real-time values

The real-time values show Sensor ID's as well as compensated pressures (as shown by the Instrument cluster), uncompensated (raw) pressures, as well as temperatures... read more by following the link below:



RDC learning new Sensors

GS-911 now allows you to learn new sensors to either wheel-set A or wheel-set B.  In addition we give you a way to enter Sensor ID's manually (under Advanced), as well as how you how to wake the sensors without a RDC wake-up tool... read more by following the link below: