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Official Release 911 available for download

This version adds Engine Syncro Lock, Idle Actuator Calibration for K/F series and full service functionality for F650, G650 and C1 models

GS-911 version 911 is the latest official release. It takes the place of he 904 Official Release version and supercedes ALL Beta versions prior to November 2009.

You can download this version from our downloads page or click on the "check-for-updates" link in your 904 version!


GS-911 version 911 offers the following:


  • Added support for some new models:
  • Added Engine Syncro Lock for R-Series (K2x) - locking Idle actuators for Engine Syncronization
  • Added Idle Actuator Calibration function for F- and K-Series models
  • Added Reset to default for "Distance to next valve-clearance check" for F (K7x) and K-series (K4x)
  • Added Service functionality for all BMS-C (F650 1 spark and C1 models) - see detailed BMS-C functionality
  • Added Service functionality for all BMS-C2 (G650 and F650 2 spark models) - see detailed BMS-C2 functionality

More details...

Engine Syncro Lock

This function, locks the Idle Actuators on all R1200 models. This is used during the Engine Synchronization procedure, to hold the Idle Actuators in place so they don't try to compensate for the manual changes you are making to the throttle cables.


Idle Actuator Calibration

Version 904 covered Idle Actuator Calibration for the R1200 series. Since then, BMW introduced the Idle Actuator Calibration procedure for the K- and F-series models too. Version 911 adds this functionality for the K-and F-series models. For more information on the IAC procedure, pls see the IAC page under the techinfo tab.


Valve clearance check

Although BMW officially does not support this function anymore (valve clearance checks are now part of specific service routines), many Enthusiasts who maintain their own motorcycles, still like to use this feature. The counter, simply counts down, and once it reaches zero, it will go negative (so you can see how far past the supposed check you have gone). Clicking the [Reset distance to valve check] button, resets this counter to its default value (different for F and K models). This functionality is NOT used by BMW anymore, and not resetting this counter has NO influence on the motorcycle or its functionality.


Full Service functionality for the G650, F650 (singles) and C1 models

This version advanced Service functionality for the G650, F650 singles, as well as the C1 models. This adds Output tests and Adaptation resets. These functions are well described in the software, and tells you what they are for and when they should be used.




You can find more information on the supported Service functionality for the G650, F650 (singles) and C1 models, by following the links below:

BMS-C Engine controller (for all F650 single spark models and C1)

BMS-C2 Engine controller (for all F650 2-spark and G650 models)

Both of these are direct links from the updated Function Chart (by clicking on the Engine of the model you are interested in).