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GS-911wifi, designed by HEX Code, is the new generation diagnostic tool for BMW motorcycles. It is compatible with the latest generation of K001 chassis BMW motorcycles (K1600GT/GLT, R1200GS LC, R1200GS Adv ALC, R1200RT LC, S1000R, C-evolution etc.). This product is also backward compatible and supports ALL the previous models of BMW motorcycles that have the round 10pin diagnostic connector!

GS-911wifi is compatible with the GS-911 Windows PC Software. It can also be used with a device that has a compatible web browser and WiFi (typically Android, iPads, iPhones, Windows Phone 7 & 8 etc.) to deliver Emergency Functionality (ECU information, reading & clearing of Fault Codes, Engine real-time (live) data) and cloud-based Service Functionality...

This product is available through our distributors (see our reseller page), or directly from our online shop.

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GS-911blu & GS-911usb, designed by HEX Code, are a unique software and hardware combination that allows the BMW motorcycle enthusiast the ability to communicate with the control modules in a safe and controlled manner.

In the true spirit of adventure associated with your motorcycle, the GS-911 tool is also available with a Bluetooth interface, allowing you to use it with most modern mobile phones... no need for anything else...

Available as :
GS-911blu - with USB and Bluetooth for Windows and most mobile phones
GS-911usb- with USB only, for Windows.

This product is available through our Distributors (see our reseller page), or directly from our online shop.

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GS-911 3-Pin Interface, designed by HEX Code, has support for USB connectivity and is compatible with Windows™.

It is a complete stand alone GS-911 diagnostic tool (no other GS-911 device required) and is designed exclusively for the older models which have a flat three pin diagnostic connector. Applicable for Bosch Motronic versions MA2.1, MA2.2 as well as the ABS II controller. Please see the Function Chart.

NOTE: This device replaces the previous 3-pin adapter. 

This product is available through our Distributors (see our reseller page), or directly from our online shop.

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Jim von Baden's R1200 DVD,  R1150/R1100 DVD and Motorcycle Repair DVD

These DVD's cover several categories, and are designed to allow you to complete all the requirements for maintaining your bike to BMW specifications. They are designed around the R-series models, but the topics are relevant for the other models too.

Topics covered are :
Removing Gas Tank, Changing the Oil, Replace the Transmission Fluid, Changing the Final Drive Gear Oil, Valve Adjustment, Air Filter Change, Brake Bleeding for servo-ABS system, Replace Alternator Belt, Fuel Tank Install, Fault Code Reading using GS-911, Throttle Body Sync, Miscellaneous Checks, Wheel removal and installation, Helicoil replacement, and lots more!
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