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BMS-CII Engine Controller


BMS-CII Functions
all F650 1cyl. 2 spark, all G650
PC / Laptop version
GS-911 Bluetooth GS-911 web
ECU information
yes yes yes
Read Fault codes
yes yes yes
Clear Fault codes
yes yes yes
Real-time values
yes yes yes
Log real-time values
yes yes yes
Function tests
Oxygen sensor signal Lambda control yes - yes
  Oxygen sensor heating future - yes
  Electric Fan yes - yes
  Electric Fuel Pump yes - yes
  Injectors yes - yes
  Idle Actuator yes - yes
  Temperature Warning Lamp yes - yes
  Tank venting valve US models only yes - yes
Reset all adaption values at once (throttle-valve zero position, idle regulator, lambda control)
replacement of:
-control unit
replacement/removal of:
-throttle-valve air intake
-Throttle-valve potentiometer
after other changes in the throttle-valve area (idle stop screw, throttle cable etc.)
yes - yes
Reset individual adaptation values
lambda replacement of:
-electric fuel pump
-fuel pressure regulator
-fuel filter
after rectifying faults in:
-air supply system (e.g. contaminated air filter etc.)
-lambda closed-loop control (e.g. O2 sensor replacement)
yes - yes
Programming of control unit Not planned! - -


yes already implemented in a release version
future some time after next Release
possibly future unsure whether this will be implemented
- not available