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This page shows our ROADMAP.

Updated: Sep 2017

Please Note: all dates and functionality are estimates - we reserve the right to deviate from these...!


When will you...?

Please see the F.A.Q. When will you...?


What will the short term future hold (the upcoming versions):

  • Service functions for the XBMSMP1 engine controller on EURO4 bike models (including Reset RPM limiter for S1000RR 2017+).
  • Support for the 2016+ F800GS.
  • Support for the 2016+ C650 Scooter.
  • Complete service functionality directly from the GS-911wifi web interface for K24 models (partially complete).

What else will GS-911 bring?

Following that, the road-map is not set in stone (development will not necessarily be in this order) and because of that, please don't ask us exact or even estimated time-lines on these:

  • Coding functionality for K001 models (ie. miles/km, fuel and pressure units).
  • Support for the G310 models.
  • A web interface for keeping track of your bike's service history (ie. a online logbook).


We are investigating:

  • Re-coding of replaced control units
  • expanding service functionality for the Alarm (DWA) units
  • expanding Service functionality for the Active suspension (SAF) units


Suggestions are always welcome:

  • Please send a mail to our HelpDesk detailing your suggested feature