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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General GS-911 FAQs
  2. Bike Support FAQs
  3. PC-based FAQs
  4. Mobile-based FAQs
  5. WiFi FAQs
  6. Ordering, Shipping & Pricing FAQs

General GS-911 FAQs

  1. What does GS-911 do?
  2. What systems does it work on?
  3. What functionality do you have on these systems?
  4. Why is it called "GS-911" ?
  5. How do I connect the GS-911 interface to my motorcycle?
  6. What if a performance chip is used, will the GS-911 give a false reading?
  7. What do the different colors of the LED mean?
  8. Why will my GS-911 not read any of the ECUs ?
  9. Can the GS-911 functionality be upgraded?
  10. How does your Release Cycle work?
  11. Help, I forgot my Login details!
  12. What do all those Acronyms mean?
  13. Can GS-911 reset service reminders?
  14. Which GS-911 software to use
  15. How do the Professional and Enthusiast versions differ?
  16. Help me select the right GS-911
  17. When will you
  18. Do you have a Known Issues page?
  19. How do I import and view the CSV realtime data
  20. Can GS-911 flash my ECU?
  21. How do I upgrade to the Professional version?
  22. What is a Beta version?
  23. How do I view my logged data?
  24. Where do I get support?
  25. Translations
  26. Can I transfer my Professional license to another interface?
  27. Can I delete a VIN entry from my VIN list?
  28. How do I register my GS-911 interface?
  29. I cannot log in
  30. How do I update my registration details?

Mobile-based FAQs

  1. What is the Mobile version?
  2. What are the Mobile requirements?
  3. What is JSR-82 compatibility?
  4. Why do some models have "ts" after them in the Mobile version?
  5. Do you have a list of JSR-82 compatible phones?
  6. How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone?
  7. How do I get the GS911Verifier.jar onto my mobile?
  8. Can I download the GS911Verifier app directly onto my mobile?
  9. Will it work on my Blackberry?
  10. Will it work on my IPAQ or Windows Mobile phone?
  11. My mobile or PDA has USB, Can I use the USB to connect to the GS-911?
  12. How do I configure my GS911Mobile application after I have installed it?
  13. Does GS911Mobile support PalmOS?
  14. Bluetooth api available but not allowed by Operator. What does this mean?
  15. Can the GS911 run on my Garmin Zumo 550?
  16. BlackBerry - cannot check for updates
  17. Does it run on my iPhone?
  18. Does the mobile version have a VIN limitation?
  19. Does the bluetooth mobile version have service functionality?
  20. Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute
  21. Trying to install the java mobile version on my BB, but
  22. What is the passcode/passkey/password/pin required for bluetooth?
  23. Sending a text from the web
  24. dot NET framework for WM
  25. Does it run on my Android?
  26. What does the GS911Verifier do?
  27. Does it run on Windows Phone 7 or Phone 8?
  28. How do I install the mobile software?


  1. Do you recommend any wifi access points or settings?
  2. How do I setup my GS-911wifi network?
  3. Is the GS-911 wifi the same as the GS-911 bluetooth?
  4. Why does the GS-911wifi infrastructure LED keep flashing red, but it never goes green?
  5. Why does the GS-911wifi infrastructure LED keep flashing green and I never hear the connection beep?
  6. Why is there no configuration (gear) icon next to my access point in the network configuration list?
  7. What are the red question marks on some of the web interface pages for?
  8. I have selected my distance units to be displayed as miles, yet the service reminder screen still displays in kilometres. Why?
  9. Can I leave my GS-911wifi connected to the bike when its switched off?
  10. Where do I find the serial checksum?
  11. Whats wrong if the GS-911 wifi is not detected by the GS-911 PC software or the PC WiFi utility?
  12. I get an error message that there is no internet connection when trying to run service functions through the web interface
  13. GS-911wifi cannot see/cannot connect to my Wifi Router
  14. How do I send my GS911wifi debug logs?
  15. Can't I just use my phone/tablet as a wifi Hotspot?