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Can't I just use my phone/tablet as a wifi Hotspot?

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Technically yes, but most users might find the configuration a bit technically involved. Nevertheless, for those that are interested, here are the high level steps:

You will have to configure your phone as a wifi hotspot with internet sharing. Many cellphone providers disable this functionality. You will have to remember or write down the SSID and password for the hostpot connection.

You will then create a new connection profile for the GS911wifi to connect to the cellphone using the remembered SSID and password. If you are configuring this using D2D mode from the same phone, the connection profile will have to be made using the 'Add network manually' link and not the 'Scan for Networks' link. If you have an additional phone/tablet with wifi you might put the one in hotspot and use the other in D2D mode and have the GS911wifi scan for the hotspot SSID like it would another Wifi Router.

Now the phone has to be switched from D2D mode to hotspot Infrastructure and simultaneously the GS911wifi has to be switched from D2D to Infrastructure. This can be achieved using the toggle button. Using the PC Wifi Utility with the USB cable to monitor the switchover on the GS911wifi device, might prove helpful especially if it has more than one wifi access point it could connect to. You may try to disable other configured Access points or forgetting/deleting the alternative network configurations.

Also keep in mind that cellphone data connections can dynamically degrade to very low bandwidth (GPRS, EDGE) and communication to the Cloud Server might become slow and jittery.