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How do I send my GS911wifi debug logs?

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The detail steps to send a debug log file from a GS911wifi is as follows:

  1. Go to the Options panel and select 'Enable debugging'
  2. Select 'All debug messages'
  3. Select a debug mask of 8191. (The current default to include all internal modules)
  4. Perform the required action or service that you want logged
  5. Go back to the Options panel and disable debugging
  6. The 'View debug logs' link will appear
  7. Selecting it should give you a list of debug files with the file number of the latest log mentioned above the list
  8. Right click (or long press) the relevant filename to download the file
  9. Attach it to your email or trouble-ticket as an attachment. Do not try to paste the binary contents into the text