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What models does it cover?

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The GS-911 tool was initially designed specifically with the GS range of motorcycles in mind. This however quickly expanded to most all current models that are electronically diagnosable. Currently it officially supports the following:


  • ALL R1200 models
  • ALL R1150 models
  • R1100S
  • Most R850 (all those with the round 10pin diagnostic connector)


  • ALL K1200 models (with or without CAN-bus)
  • K1300 models


  • ALL fuel-injected F models (F800, F650GS (800cc) and single and twin-spark F650CS/GS/Dakar)


  • ALL G650X models
  • G650GS
  • G450X


  • ALL C1 models


  • S1000RR


Have a look at the Function Chart to see what the latest is on supported functionality per model.