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Will the R1100 series ever be supported?

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Yes! As of 2011 we support the 3pin models. 

 3pinAdaptersw.png They require the GS-911 3-pin interface. The R1100 models, older R850 models as well as the K1100 models, have the MA2.1 and MA2.2 Engine controllers.  If you have a 1100, you will know that the 3-pin diagnostic connector is very different from the current model ranges (all using the round 10-pin diagnostic connector).

The R1100S is the odd ball out, as it has the MA2.4 Engine controller with a round 10-pin diagnostic connector (same as the R1150 models) and thus is the ONLY R1100 model that does NOT require the 3-pin Adapter.


The models we will cover with the adapter are the following:

Model From year
To year  Engine Controller  ABS Controller
 R1100GS 1993 1999 MA2.2 ABSII
 R1100R 1994
2001 MA2.2 ABSII
 R1100RS 1993 2001 MA2.2 ABSII
 R1100RT 1995 2001 MA2.2 ABSII

 R850GS 1999 2002 MA2.2 ABSII
 R850R 1994 2003 MA2.2 ABSII
 R850RT 1998 2002 MA2.2 ABSII

 K1100LT 1994 1999 MA2.2 ABSII
 K1100RS 1994 1997 MA2.2 ABSII


We are looking into the models below. If anyone has a MA2.1 controller they would like to donate, pls contact us.

Model From year
To year Engine Controller ABS Controller
 K1 1989 1994 MA2.1 ABS1C
 K100RS 1990 1994 MA2.1 ABS1B
 K1100LT 1992 1993 MA2.1 ABS1C
 K1100RS 1992 1993 MA2.1 ABS1C