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Installing the Software

This details the installation of the GS-911 software and USB driver

This section covers the installation of the GS-911 software (Windows PC version) for Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Once you have downloaded the GS-911 install pack (see previous section), ensure that you have administrative rights on your system and run the GS-911 installer.

NOTE: Install the software before you plug the GS-911 interface into your PC.

As a helpful guide, we have provided this useful video on downloading and installing (2nd portion of video) the GS-911 PC application. Click on the picture to navigate to the video section of our website.



 winxplogo.jpgFor Windows XP, please see the related HowTo:


winvistalogo.jpgFor Windows Vista & Windows 7, please see the related HowTo: