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Quick Start Guide

This page is the Quick Start Guide.
  1. Do NOT plug in your GS-911 device into the PC/Laptop USB port until prompted to do so.
  2. Download the GS-911downloader, from the Downloads page. This is a PC based application that ONLY runs on a Windows PC. However, you use this application to download ALL versions (including mobile versions), to your PC, from where you can redistribute them to your mobile device.
  3. Once downloaded, run the GS-911downloader. The Downloader will instruct you when to connect your GS-911 interface to the PC (after it has installed the correct driver), after which it will connect to the server to determine which versions are available for download.  A browser window will be opened and list the GS-911 interface details and appropriate download links.
  4. If your GS-911 interface has not yet been registered (typical for a new GS-911), the server will initiate the registration page as a first step, prior to listing your downloadable links. 
  5. From the browser window that the GS-911downloader opened, download and install any of the versions available to you.
  6. Once installed, open the GS-911 software, and select Setup under Tools in the menu bar. Make sure you have USB selected and then click [Test interface]. This will test the interface, and report the firmware version, serial number, battery voltage of the motorcycle etc. It will tell you if there is a problem. This may require you to perform a firmware update.
  7. The GS-911Mobile software (and GS-911Verifier - to test your mobile's compatibility) can also be downloaded through the GS-911downloader. There are myriads of ways to get a Java, WM or Android applications onto your mobile, and they all differ from device to device… and we can't possibly cover all of them… If you don't know how, contact your mobile's vendor, or Google it!
  8. These are the basics… if you have any problems, please use our support page for F.A.Q.'s, How-To's and Manuals. Also, don't forget to subscribe to Support Forum. Here you can ask for help on all things related to GS-911.


Enjoy your GS-911 ! …and be sure to let us know how we can enhance it!