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Beta version 1404 released

We are proud to announce a new Beta version. This version adds more coding functionality, models and fixes several bugs.

Changes since previous Beta (V1401):

  • Added more KOMBI coding functionality (Time display,Temperature display, Consumption unit, Tyre pressure unit)
  • Added more KOMBI7x coding functionality (Consumption unit)
  • Added more KOMBI46 coding functionality (Time display,Temperature display,Headlight diagnostics,LED type indicators, Indicator auto off time,Indicator auto off distance,Alarm LED on time)
  • Added support for RnineT
  • Added support for S1000RR HP4 (no SAF support yet)
  • Added service data to AutoScan report bike info where available
  • Fixed bug where '#' character in username could make it impossible for the application to access its files
  • Fixed bug where incorrect controller name (or Unknown) was displayed for MA24
  • Fixed rear blake bleed on IntegralABS 'good range' was not displayed accurately
  • Updated integration levels, fault codes and manufacturer names
  • Added Husky VIN parsing (in preparation for Husqvarna support)
  • Fixed autoscan bug for BMSC-II
  • Fixed timeout on IntegralABS controller
  • Fixed re-learn instructions that were not shown for S1000RR
  • Fixed learning of tyre sensors for RDC units with older firmware
  • Support for new standalone 3pin adapter that will be available soon
  • Many internal changes

Example of the coding options you will see if you have a KOMBI cluster with TPM (ie. R1200GS):


Coding options for the KOMBI46/1 (ie. S1000RR):


As always, feedback to the HelpDesk is always appreciated!