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Das Rally - MOA 2016

Some of the HEX crew at the BMW MOA in Hamburg, NY.

The MOA rally was in upstate New York - Hamburg to be exact...

This year again, Beemershop invited the HEXcode crew to join them at the BMW MOA. It was great to see old friends, familiar faces and make new friends too!

As always, Stephan delivered a GS-911 presentation - this year only one.. and we had so many requests for a second one, but unfortunately the organizers only allotted us one slot... The presentation can be downloaded below.

GS-911_presentation_BMW_MOA_2016_Hamburg_NY.pdf (3,7mB)

Here are some pictures from the booth and presentation:


The GS-911 presentation was well attended as always!


and finally some relaxation with Paul Thorn as background music...


Till next year in Utah!