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HEX GS-911wifi - setting up your wifi connection

The easiest way to setup a wifi connection for the GS-911wifi is to use our GS-911wifi Utility for Windows or MAC OS X.  You can download the utility from our downloads page and get an overview of it function.

If you want to set up the wifi connection on your GS-911wifi unit manually, you can use the method described in the section Wifi Setup below. 

gs911wifi setup.jpg


The GS-911wifi can be powered through the USB port or the motorcycle diagnostic port.


How to connect to the Motorcycle's Diagnostic port
Please see the illustrated guide in our online How-To section.


Power / Interface information status LED


Wifi Device-To-Device (D2D) status LED 

GS-911 interface is in Device-To-Device mode and creates its own wifi network that a PC, phone or tablet can connect to. (Note: no internet access in this mode)

SSID : GS-911_xxxx (where xxxx denotes the last 4 digits of the GS-911 Serial #)
IP :

  • Use this mode as first step when configuring additional wifi networks, and/or
  • Use this mode when there are no available wifi networks are in range.


Wifi Infrastructure status LED 
Note: use the Windows PC, MAC OS X, Android or iOS utility to find GS-911 IP address.


Wifi Setup 

The GS-911wifi device has 2 wifi modes

  • Wifi infrastructure mode
    • In infrastructure mode, the GS-911wifi device connects to a Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router. Your Browsing device (being your PC, phone or tablet) should be connected to the SAME Wireless Access Point as your GS-911wifi device. Naturally both devices need to be on the same network in order to communicate with one another.
    • Infrastructure mode supports channels 1 to 11 of the 2.4GHz 802.11 RF spectrum.
  • Wifi Device-to-Device (D2D) mode
    • In D2D mode, the GS-911wifi device is a Wireless Access Point operating on Channel 6 of the 802.11 spectrum.
    • It will always have an IP address of
    • Only ONE device can be connected to it at any given time
    • Naturally the D2D mode has no internet connectivity and its sole purpose is to allow a single browsing device (PC, phone or tablet) to connect to the GS-911wifi device

How to set up a wifi network:

  1. Select the Device-To-Device (D2D) mode. The GS-911wifi will create a wifi network that other devices can see.
  2. Use your PC, phone or tablet to search for the GS-911_xxxx wifi network and connect to it (no password required). Please note that xxxx denotes the last 4 digits of the GS-911 Serial #).
  3. Open a browser and browse to . This will always be the IP address of the GS-911wifi when in Device-To-Device mode.
  4. Click on Wifi Setup menu option and scan for available networks.
  5. Select your home/work network, complete the security key information etc.
  6. The GS-911 will automatically switch and connect to the selected network. A successful connection will light the Wifi Infrastructure status LED green (see above). A double beep will also be heard (if sound is enabled).
  7. Finally, switch your device (PC, phone, tablet) to the same wifi network and run the GS-911wifi utility to search for your GS-911wifi device and establish a connection.


How are Wifi networks connected and prioritised?

  • A maximum number of 10 wifi networks can be saved on the GS-911wifi network profile list.
  • A network is saved to the GS-911wifi network profile list, once it has successfully connected to that network the first time.
  • When the GS-911wifi is powered up, it will automatically connect to the network it was last connected to. If such network is not in range, it will scan for available networks, and if it finds an available network for which it has authentication details in its wifi profile list, it will connect to it.
  • If multiple networks are in range, that are also in the GS-911wifi's network profile list, it will connect to the one it most recently connected to.
  • If you want to switch to another wifi network, press the Wifi Mode Switch, so the GS-911wifi device switches to the Device-To-Device mode. Now connect your browsing device (PC, phone, tablet etc.) to the GS-911 network and run through the Wifi Setup as described above.


Wifi Specifications

For more details see the Wifi Specifications