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New Beta version 1305 released

This adds a lot of advanced ZFE (Central Vehicle/Chassis Electronics) functionality.

This version builds on the latest 1303 Release version. It adds advanced ZFE functionality.  Here we added:

  • ZFE configuration (reads the configuration of the individual ZFE, identifying how it is configured, typically shows whether you have a fuel strip of a lever type fuel sensor, etc.)
  • ESA Calibration (for vehicles equipped with ESA, including the the rear-only ESA of the 800cc Twin motorcycles)
  • Output Tests of various ZFE-controlled outputs
  • Real-time values of ZFE inputs, outputs and switches etc.
  • Added model support for F700GS
  • Added model support for F800GT
  • Removed the "Switching OFF of headlight" at startup - this caused too much confusion and support as to why the Park light was still ON

The latest GS-911 Beta version for Windows is 1305.x and can be downloaded using the GS-911 Downloader from the downloads page or by using the "Check for update" button in the About Dialog.


As always, feedback to the HelpDesk is always appreciated!


ZFE Configuration

Below you can see the ZFE configuration of a 2010 twincam R1200GS Adventure, equipped with a ZFE-high (shown under the ZFE's ECU info). For instance you can see that this particular bike has a "Lever type fuel sensor", with ESA, ABS and Heated grips etc.



ESA Calibration

On the main calibration screen you can see the current sensor position as well as the MAX position. Here you also initiate the ESA calibration for either front or rear ESA.  




ESA real-time values




ZFE Output tests

Naturally as there are various versions and subversions of the ZFE, not all options are available on all systems





...more ZFE functionality to follow...