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New Beta version 1306 released

This adds further ZFE (Central Vehicle/Chassis Electronics) functionality.

This version builds on the previous Beta 1305 version. It adds further ZFE functionality.  In this version we added:

  • fixes for the ESA Calibration (for vehicles equipped with ESA, including the the rear-only ESA of the 800cc Twin motorcycles)
  • Fuel Strip Calibration
  • Windscreen motor calibration


The latest GS-911 Beta version for Windows is 1306.x and can be downloaded using the GS-911 Downloader from the downloads page or by using the "Check for update" button in the About Dialog.


As always, feedback to the HelpDesk is always appreciated!


Fuel Strip calibration

This version adds the long awaited functionality to calibrate a fuel strip. It is a pretty simple procedure - just follow the on-screen prompts.  Please note that the fuel strip to be calibrated should be bone dry!  if you are not using a brand new fuel strip, make sure it is dry.  I've spoken to some dealer techs and they suggest taking it out of the tank and hanging it in front of a fan over night...



Windscreen motor calibration

Another handy calibration is that of the Windscreen motor on the RT and GT (those that have a electrically adjustable windscreen).