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November 2015 software updates available

K24 model service functionality available in the cloud and more...

GS-911 PC Application Version 1511 and updates to the GS-911wifi web interface are now available.

Note that starting from this Release version we will no longer make "Beta" versions of the PC software available - instead we will increase the update frequency of the Release versions. This is to avoid confusion, simplify our function chart and bring it in line with the GS-911wifi web interface release strategy where we do not have "Beta" versions either. GS-911 V1510.2 Beta is the last Beta version that was made available and should now be replaced by this Release version.

Changes to the GS-911wifi web interface since the 1510 release


  • Updated German and Spanish translations
  • Husqvarna I-level lookup added in BMSE and Autoscan
  • Husqvarna Service Reminder distance reset

  • Added ABS9M Realtime values
  • ABS9M Output tests
  • ABS9M Bleed tests
  • ABS8 Output tests
  • ABS8 Bleed tests
  • ABSN Output tests
  • ABSN Bleed tests
  • Added ABS-II (ABS2) support
  • BMSK, KP and KP2 Valve Check Reset
  • BMSK, KP and KP2 View and Reset Adaptations
  • BMSK, KP and KP2 Idle Actuator Calibration 
  • BMSK, KP and KP2 Exhaust Flap Adjustment
  • BMSK, KP and KP2 Balance Pipe Adjustment
  • BMSK, KP and KP2 Engine Synchronization
  • Various bug fixes

In short, you can now service not only K001 models, but also your K24 model bike (ie. R1200GS pre liquid cooled, F800GS etc.) directly from your iPhone, iPad, Android or any device with a compatible web browser!

Changes to the PC Application


Too much to list here - see all the news posts since the 1503 Release version.


Sample screenshots


BMSK service functions...


BMSK adaptation reset...


Engine synchronization....



ABS Service functions...


Husqvarna Service Reminder Reset...