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In the age where iPods and iPhone clones are as common as counterfeit auto parts, it comes as no surprise that there are counterfeit versions of GS-911!

These products are offered for sale (mostly online) at a reduced cost.  These products are most definitely counterfeit goods!


Identifying counterfeit goods

As of this writing, the current counterfeit devices can be identified as follows:

IMG_20110901_163118_cf_cd_box_if.jpg Counterfeit GS-911 product may be identified by the following:
  • Counterfeit product is shipped with a mini-CD. (we don't include CD's or mini-CD's - you download our software from !)
  • The round connector:
    • is of extremely poor quality.
    • has ALL pins populated.
  • When powered up, the LED remains BLUE.
  • No barcoded label on the box or GS-911 with the Serial number and production date.
  • Shows incorrect User details when downloading software.
  • Does not require you to Register your GS-911 unit - All NEW devices do!


More pictures of the counterfeit devices, highlighting some of the obvious differences:

IMG_20110901_162854_cf_front_top.jpg IMG_20110901_162834_cf_front_bot.jpg IMG_20110901_162757_cf_back_top.jpg 

End users and Service providers are asked to be aware of sellers that are using original GS-911 web download pictures to sell counterfeit GS-911 devices, as these pictures do not necessarily represent the actual item that you will receive!  Naturally the more differences one points out, the more effort the cloners/counterfeiters put into making their counterfeit devices look even more alike! 

HEX has pretty strict rules and regulations, governing their resellers, and promotional discounts have to be cleared, before they may be applied... Hence, the golden rule applies : If is seems to good to be true... it probably is!

HEX does NOT manufacture in the Far East or China, and if you see anyone selling a device from there, for a price distinctly lower than the official retail price, then you can be quite sure that you're seeing a counterfeit product.


Official distribution channels

The list of official distributors can be found on our website:

We are taking this matter very seriously and any information may help us in dealing with the matter.  We ask our Resellers and loyal customers who come across these fake devices, to find out where the customer purchased the item as well as the serial number, and escalate this information to our Help Desk without hesitation.

The unauthorized possession, distribution, offer  to sell and sale of these counterfeit GS-911 devices is an unlawful act which constitutes a crime and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Naturally no support or warranty will be available to any users with such counterfeit GS-911 devices! Nor can we guarantee the correct functioning of hardware that was not designed/manufactured by HEX, as our software is intended to be used solely with our original HEX hardware. 

It goes without saying that customers are taking an immense risk using hacked/cracked hardware and/or software in general, as counterfeiter/cloners of such counterfeit software are notorious for embedding malicious code or some form of virus, trojan or spyware into such software!


What else can YOU do?

You can report the offending sites/seller to the payment, shipping and marketing channels they are using!  The more complaints that these channels receive from an offending site, the easier they will take appropriate action!!!

PAYPAL: Put Fraud Alert in the subject line, reference the offending page and state that they are selling counterfeit items and thus they are making themselves complicit in collection of illegal income. same as above and same as above (for Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo email): same procedure as above

Skype: Request to add the offending party to your Skype contacts.  Once added, right click their name in contact list, block and report abuse as above.

Twitter, YouTube and Facebook: currently these have to be contacted by us (HEXCODE) directly... but if you know of pages and accounts on these media, pls let us know! - same procedure as above

TNT Express Shipping - - same procedure as above - Go to   and register complaint about the website advertising the use of DHL services to ship counterfeit items internationally.