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Customer Comments

So, what do the customers say?

I work as a Dealer Technician for BMW and since I have used your GS-911 I have solved some really hard to find problems by using the data-logging utility!!

My personal opinion is that BMW should use your GS-911 as standard equipment in their workshops! Your tool has saved us both time and a lot of money !!

     - BMW Dealer Tech, Europe


Our GT1 died two weeks ago...the GS-911 was thrown into service for fault read-outs.  I had been "goofing around" with it for quite some time...but, this was the first time the techs have really used it.  Universally, they said that it is very easy and quick to use...quicker than GT1 by far.  They like it!
Our replacement GT1 worked for half a day...then, the hard drive died., they are back to using the GS-911. is very useful...very user friendly...and, very well done.  Keep up the good work and keep up the development.

     - BMW Service Manager, USA


Software support has been first rate. New features that have been promised were released and work as expected. Software that works?... what a concept! Yes, sometimes new software releases were a bit later than originally promised, but they were released and they work. The GS-911 is an indispensable tool for any late model BWM owner.

      - Bob, Vancouver


I bought the GS-911 Enthusiast/USB from Beemershop in the USA.  They were very knowledgeable and responsive to questions and service.
The GS-911 is a superb tool.  My 2001, R1100S, ABS is finicky when it is not being ridden regularly.  It sat for about 3 weeks and the ABS freaked out. I used the GS-911 as described and viola, it is up and running.  This is not the first time this has happened either.  The difference is that in the past, it would have cost me at least $80.00 to reset the fault at the BMW dealer.  Now I can do it quickly and safely.

Thank you for truth in advertising.

     - Ronald


This product is absolutely brilliant. I have now got the complete electrical/electronic side of my GS1200 covered, ready for the inevitable future fault of sensors etc. If anyone reading this is considering purchasing, do so now, you wont regret it. It is so simple to use, anyone can diagnose the problem. I disconnected various sensors and threw many faults...the GS-911 picked them all up and described exactly what area the problems were in. Thanks for a superb reasonably priced piece of kit.

     - Andrew, UK


Got the 2 GS911 units you sent me and of course tried them out immediately,I must admit I was a little sceptical as to how well they would perform, but needless to say they are quite impressive. Having used BMW's GT1, your units may be not quite as comprehensive but it works quickly and without fuss.

     - Sean, Ireland I tested the new Software and it was perfect
Every failure I simulated was found by the GS-911.
Also the ABS failure with the disconnected Sensor was found now.

     - Olli, Germany, C1


Received my GS-911 today.
Brilliant product!
Thanks again to you and your team.

     - Greg, Australia


Worked as advertised.
The fuel controller died last December. I could run the pump direct but pump got fried as well.
Fault read as below;
10443: Fuse for Fuel-pump, activated
10167: Output stage to Electric Fuel Pump
Fault codes read and cleared. 
Good product!

     - Inyang, Nigeria, R1200GS


I received my GS911 this morning, followed Stephan's install instructions for the new BlackBerry application, and had a seamless bluetooth connection between my BB Pearl 8100 (T-Mobile) and the GS911 in no time at all.
What a GREAT device!!!

I had a headlight burn out this past weekend. While running the the Electronics Controller Fault Code program the fault was identified, and the GS911 found that the fault had been corrected.
An option was then given to clear the fault code. A press of the "pearl" and the code was cleared.

     - Frank, USA, '06 R1200GSA


Whoa! just installed the 704.3 yesterday in my newly arrived gs-911 (installed & operated perfectly) and today I received the 705.4 which likewise installed perfectly-- haven't tried it on the machine , but i'm sure it will operate as well as the 704.3 did-- that's mighty fine product support there stephan-- thanks,

     - jose,


Well done guys!
I can now read my ABS codes and clear them on my 04 1150gs Adv.
P.s Can't praise this product enough!

     - Mario, UK


For me it works (R1200GS MY2007). On first connection to the USB port and after starting the GS-911 application the firmware on the device was updated automatically.
Cool: when using your Bluetooth mobile phone the LED on the device now turns blue, too (as long as the connection is established).

     - Stefan, Switzerland


software installation was a breeze...
got the following read-out...
 2006 F650 G/S DAKAR
  HW Version: A
  Diagnostic Index: 5
  Manufacturing date: 2006-04-06
  Program release: 180E
  Manufactured by: Hella KG
  Date release: 180ED607
   Error code 1152: cooling fan motor, signal implausable, fault occurred 12 times

     - Thomas, USA


the product is very good & eventually the software will address most problems & I'm hoping one of the more basic tune up facilities ie: engine balance.....  but until then everyone should be bloody grateful that someone even bothered to make it or they'd still be paying through the nose
brilliant product with huge potential........
well done!

     - Zac, UK




The GS911 rescued me 10 days ago. I was on a motorcycle vacation and was about to get the bike (2007 BMW RT) off the Prince Edwards Island ferry, when the bike would crank, but not start. After everyone else departed I pushed the bike off the ferry. I plugged in the GS-911 and tested with my cell phone (droid) and discovered the fuel pump controller was bad. This controller was the "Improved" controller that was replaced under warranty. Lucky for me I had the GS 911 and a Jumper that I had purchased after the first controller left me stranded. I took the cover off, removed the controller, installed the jumper and the bike fired up. I was 1500 miles from home and many miles from a BMW dealer. On my way back I stopped at a dealer, but they did not have the parts. I ordered the part. To sum up, it would have cost much more than the cost of the GS-911 if I could not have diagnosed the problem. I would have spent much more having my bike towed hundreds of miles to a dealer and paid diagnostic costs. Plus, I would have lost at least one vacation day.

Thanks again for a great tool!


    - Alan Disher, Ohio, USA

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