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Support Forum

Please register and become a member of the online community. We are in the process of forming a knowledge base.

Make sure you read and adhere to our List Rules!

The HEXCODE GS-911 forum is located here:


There is also a Google Email Discussion Group :

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Additional Tech support:
If you already, thoroughly, read the How To's and FAQ's and still have not found the answer to your question, then send us a support email to

Please include the following information:

  1. What type of motorcycle you are working on - include year, model, and variation.
  2. What feature in the software are you using? And describe the problem you are having as thoroughly as possible.
  3. Tell us what version of the GS-911 software you are using, as well as whether it is on a Windows PC / laptop, or specific mobile device (be sure to specify the full make and model of mobile device).
  4. Please include a contact name and email address.
  5. Tell us about the system you are using it on, Operating system and operating conditions, etc. Generally the more information, the better...