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KMSK (0x006050)


KMS-K Functions
PC / Laptop version
GS-911 Bluetooth GS-911 web
ECU information
yes yes yes
Read Fault codes
yes yes yes
Clear Fault codes
yes yes yes
Real-time values
-input Air Temp.
-Throttle Position angle (poti1)
-Intake manifold absolute pressure
-Neutral switch
-Engine Coolant Temp.
-Lambda sensor voltage
-Lambda sensor heating
-Lambda Control Factor
-Sport switch status
-Sport Map memory*
-Fuel pump relay status
-Engine speed (rpm)
-Injection time
-Ignition timing
-Dwell time
-Battery voltage
-Calculated Engine load
-Idle Regulator angle (poti2)

* is Set the first time SportMode is selected. Cannot be reset!
yes yes yes
Log real-time values
yes yes yes
Total running time
future - future
Over revving detail
future - future
Function tests
Idle actuator Stepper motor yes - yes
Electric Fuel pump yes - yes
Lambda Sensor heating yes - yes
Injector test yes - yes
Tank venting valve yes - yes
Reset all adaptations yes - yes
Sensor Adjustments Throttle valve sensor 1 yes - yes
Throttle valve sensor 2 yes - yes
Programming of control unit Not planned! - -


yes already implemented in a release version
future some time after next Release
possibly future unsure whether this will be implemented
- not available