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KOMBI18 Functions sub-function
PC / Laptop version
GS-911 Bluetooth 
GS-911wifi web
ECU information
yes - yes
Read Fault codes
yes - yes
Clear Fault codes
yes - yes
Real-time values
yes - yes
Log real-time values
yes - yes
Miles to Kilometers For speed/odometer/trip indication yes yes
Time display 24Hr/12Hr yes yes
Temperature display Celsius/Fahrenheit yes yes
Fuel consumption unit L/100km, km/L, mpg GB, mpg US yes yes
Tyre pressure Bar, kPa, psi (if tyre pressure monitors fitted) yes yes
Service reminder config Notice time & distance yes yes
Windscreen calibration where fitted yes - yes
Cluster test or verifying LED/LCD pixels (only BMW) yes - yes
Gauge test for verifying of dial gauge (only BMW) yes yes
Output tests Exact list of output tests depends on specific bike model
Individual LED lamps yes - yes
Low beam test yes - yes
High beam test yes - yes
Indicator test yes - yes
Brake light test yes - yes
Rear light test yes - yes
Horn test yes - yes
Park light/ DRL test yes - yes
Programming of control unit Not planned! - -



yes already implemented in a release version
future some time after next Release
- not available
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