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MA2.4 Engine Controller (0x000998)


MA2.4 Functions sub-function
PC / Laptop version
 GS-911 Bluetooth
GS-911 web
ECU information
controller does not report VIN or mileage/distance or date yes yes yes
Read Fault codes
yes yes yes
Clear Fault codes
yes yes yes
Real-time values
yes yes yes
Log real-time values
yes yes yes
Function tests  Electric Fan those equipped with fans (K1200 and R1200RTP) yes - yes
  TPS adjustment yes - yes
  Fuel-pump relay yes - yes
  Tank venting US models only yes - yes
  Hall sensor signal testing signal from both Hall sensors yes - yes
Calibration of Tank reserve light possibly future - possibly future


yes already implemented in a release version
future some time after next Release
possibly future unsure whether this will be implemented
- not available