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GS-911 web

Definition of "GS-911 web"

The GS-911wifi provides an on-board web interface that you can access using a web browser on your mobile device or desktop when it is connected to the GS-911wifi device over a WiFi network link. This allows you to diagnose your bike from your web browser with all the same functions that are available in the GS-911 Windows PC software.

For this to work you need a HTML5 compliant web browser and a working WiFi network. Most modern smartphone browsers are HTML5 compliant, but please verify this with the manufacturer.

For service functionality you need an internet connection, while emergency functionality (ECU Info, Read/Clear Fault Codes, Realtime values) works without internet access.


How to access the GS-911wifi web interface


First connect to the GS-911wifi device over a WiFi network link with one of these two options:

  1. D2D connection: This is a direct WiFi link between your browser device and the GS-911wifi device. In this mode, the GS-911wifi provides its own WiFi access point and consequently no internet is available. Your browser device must connect to that WiFi network provided by the GS-911. The WiFi network name (SSID) is based on the serial number of the GS-911 device, for example GS911_1234.
  2. Infrastructure connection: For this option, both the GS-911wifi device and the browser device connect to the same WiFi network using a WiFi router connected to the internet. The hotspot function of modern mobile devices can also be used for this option.


Once the WiFi connection is established, browse to the GS-911wifi network address from your web browser:

  1. D2D connection: browse to
  2. Infrastructure connection: The GS-911wifi address depends on its network configuration.
    1. DHCP (default): The GS-911wifi is assigned a random IP address by the WiFi router. Since you won't know the IP address, we provide these options to find your device on the network:
      • The GS-911wifi Utility for Mac or Windows can report the IP address of your device. It can also open the GS-911 web interface in your browser if it finds the device on the network.
      • The GS-911wifi mobile app for iOS and Android can find your device without knowing its address.
      • On other platforms (eg. Linux), you can browse to the Multicast DNS address, eg. http://gs911_1234.local/ (On Windows, you can also browse to the NetBIOS address, eg. http://gs911_1234/). The last 4 digits of this address is the last four digits of the device serial number.
    2. Static IP address: You can choose a static IP address when you configure the GS-911wifi's network settings, so simply browse to that address, eg.


Read more about the GS-911wifi network configuration.