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Integration level

also known as "I-level"


In theory you could get the version of the Firmware of your ECU by looking at the FSV in the ECU info - this is the
physical version of the Firmware in your ECU... however... I know of no list that exists that links this version back to the CIP (Coding Individualization and Programming) CDs...

The I-levels (Integration level) are 2 sets of numbers known as the Factory I-level and the Dealer Organisation
(also known as "Actual I-level"). These I-levels represent the software/data release versions programmed into the vehicle and are shown in the ECU information screen on the GT1 as of CD 22.0.

  • The Factory I-level (sometimes referred to as the "model I-level", represents the software release when the vehicle was built. ("W" in german for "Werk" (Factory))
  • The Actual I-level (sometimes referred to as "vehicle data release", represents the current software release programmed in the vehicle. ("HO" in german for "Handelsorganisationen" (Dealer organization))

The I-level typically looks as follows: K024-09-08-500,


  • the 1st set ("K024") represent the chassis/build type (K024 represents all CAN-bus enabled models, K2x, K4x, K7x etc.) ,
  • the 2nd set ("09") represents the year of the release, 
  • the 3rd set ("08") represents the month of the release and
  • the 4th set ("500") represent a version for that release - a bug fix or update on this could be: K024-09-08-550or K024-09-08-600


The I-levels are found in the BMS-K, Kombi and ZFE controllers, and are NOT always set in a Control unit. In future we will release an update of GS-911 that will show you the overall summary of the motorcycle, but until then you should read the I-levels in all control units. If no I-level is set, we will display "Not Set".  If "unknown I-level" is shown for your model, make sure you have the latest and most up to date version of the GS-911 PC software (suggested the latest up to date Beta version). Naturally if it is a very recent I-level release, then we might not have the data yet.

NOTE: If your motorcycle does not have the absolute latest I-level, it does NOT necessarily mean that it's Firmware is out of date or that it needs a Firmware update.  The ECU's have a limited number of times that the Firmware can be updated, and thus a Firmware update is only released by BMW, for specific models... you might have a K024-08-02-500 I-level (released February 2008), but that does not mean that it is not the most up to date version of the Firmware available for your model! 

Currently there is no list that I'm aware of that list the latest (up to date) I-level per model...