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Known issues

This page lists known issues of the various versions.  These are already logged in our issue-tracking system, and we are either investigating them or have already released a fix for them...

PC version (current version)

  • On R1200 Twincam models, after doing a Idle Actuator Calibration, once the engine is started, the idle is very rough. The solution is to do a "Reset All Adaptations Values" (and remember to follow the re-learn procedure afterwards).  Once you have experienced this, please do an AutoScan and send us the AutoScan.  Then take your motorcycle to BMW and ask them to update the Engine Control Unit's software... Once updated, do another AutoScan and send it to us please.
  • On K24 bikes with the ZFE High body Controller with Coding Index 9 or 10, Turning indicator delay coding is not currently unavailable. This is only currently available in the Web frontend.