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Revision History


GS-911 version 1006.3 (PC version):


  • Added Advanced Engine functionality for ALL CAN-based models (click "Engine" on your model in the Function Chart)
  • Fan functional test,
  • Tank Venting valve test,
  • Electric Fuel pump test,
  • Injector tests,
  • Idle Actuator tests,
  • Secondary Air valve test,
  • Idle Actuator at full load test (for K-models)
  • Over Temperature warning light test,
  • Engine Electronics warning light (MIL) test,
  • Adaptation (adjustment) of the Exhaust-flap (K1300 models and new 2010 R1200GS and R1200RT models)
  • Adaptation (adjustment) of the Balance-pipe flap (S1000RR)
  • Added support for the S1000RR model (check out the lean angle! ;-) )
  • Fault codes updated
  • Introducing DataPacks (see your About box) - here we can update general information, without you having to download a complete new GS-911 version
  • Displaying the I-level (Integration level) of the CAN-bus models.  This tells you what the current software version is of the motorcycle, as well as the software that it was released with when it came from the factory.
  • Set Date of motorcycle - under Special Functions, you can now easily set the Date and Time of the motorcycle (only on motorcycles that support Service Reminders).
  • Selective logging and display of real-time values - Now you can select which real-time values you would like to view and log. This improves the sampling rate on some controllers.
  • ECUinfo of G450X now displays the status op the Sport Mode plug as well as the Sport Mode memory flag
  • added automatic checking for updates - the GS-911 software will check for updates once a week.
  • Updated Fault Codes
  • added real-time values (reading and logging) for KMS-K16 (G450X)
  • added Service Functionality for MA2.4 - see the MA2.4 Engine Controller detail page. Functionality includes: Output tests, Hall sensor signal tests, Hall sensor setting (positioning) and Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) alignment (including models that have an Idle Actuator (R1200C, R1200CL, K1200GT, K1200RS, K1200LT)).





GS-911 version 1002.1 (PC version):


  • Made a small change to Release 911.1 to ensure forward compatibility. Otherwise identical to Release 911.1.




GS-911 version 911.1 (PC version):




  • Added support for some new models:
  • Added Engine Syncro Lock for R-Series (K2x) - locking Idle actuators for Engine Syncronization
  • Added Idle Actuator Calibration function for F- and K-Series models
  • Added Reset to default for "Distance to next valve-clearance check" for F (K7x) and K-series (K4x)
  • Added Service functionality for all BMS-C (F650 1 spark and C1 models) - see detailed BMS-C functionality
  • Added Service functionality for all BMS-C2 (G650 and F650 2 spark models) - see detailed BMS-C2 functionality





GS-911 version 904.1 (PC version):


  • ABS auto identify (ABS2/iABS)
  • ZFE Clear DTC issue (on ZFE High)
  • MA2.4 real-time scaling


  • incorrect flagging our software by AntiVir


  • Added support for some new models:
  • Service reminders (on all models that support Service reminders)
  • Idle Actuator Calibration function for all CAN-bus R-Series motorcycles
  • Support reading of "Distance to next valve-clearance check" for F and K-series
  • brake pad reset on K1200GT
  • Switching off of lights on CAN-bus motorcycles (during diagnosis)
  • Imperial and Metric units
  • Automatic USB driver installation
  • 64bit support for XP/Vista
  • Added full functionality for ABSN (including real-time values and Bleed tests)
  • Enhanced BMSC real-time values (C-Series and F650 (single cylinder, single spark))
  • Enhanced BMSC2 real-time values (All G650 models and F650 (2 spark, single cylinders)
  • Enhanced BMSK real-time values (added values (fuel pressure, etc.), including digital outputs - all CAN-bus motorcycles)
  • Plotting of Lambda sensor voltage
  • New GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Support for checking Main stand and seat-belt switch operation on C1 and C1-200
  • Basic support for Tyre Pressure (RDC), Anti-theft Alarm (DWA) and Radio (RBT) control modules
  • Introducing Enthusiast (max of 10 motorcycles for Service functionality) and Professional version
  • Online upgrades from Enthusiast to Professional version
  • Updated fault codes (current up to 2009)




GS-911 version 804.1:

  • Added support for some new models:
    R850C (with 10pin connector)
    R850R (with 10pin connector)
    R850RT (with 10pin connector)
    F800S (Engine (BMSK) & Vehicle Electronics (ZFE) only)
    F800ST (Engine (BMSK) & Vehicle Electronics (ZFE) only)
    G650Xchallenge (Engine only)
    G650Xmoto (Engine only)
    G560Xcountry (Engine only)
  • Added realtime display of Digital Input values for BMSK (some culprits that could prevent starting):
    SideStandSwitches 1&2,
  • Tools -> Check for Updates (if you have internet access you can check whether your version is current)
  • Help -> About : lists your specific Reseller's support contact details
  • Some layout changes in the way models are selected


GS-911 version 705.6:

  • Bug fix on F650 twin-spark ECU (BMS C-II) that had no text descriptions for fault codes.
  • Made the [Cancel] button the default on the fault code erase confirmation.
  • Swapped the button positions of [Erase fault Codes] & [Copy to Clipboard] buttons
  • Log file is now default on

GS-911 version 705.4: 

  • Minor cosmetic changes from Beta 704.3
  • Added support for the twin-spark F650CS
  • Changed versioning, the versioning now represents the year and month in which it was released.
  • New Firmware update build of v0.8 for the interface
  • Added a couple of models (even non-CAN K-Series)
  • Added Integral ABS (I-ABS) of 1150 models
  • Added Integral ABS2-CAN (I-ABS2CAN) for 2007+ (late 2006) models
  • Renamed ABS3-CAN to I-ABS-CAN for clarity
  • Added ABS to several K- and R-Series models
  • Added R1100S
  • Several miscellaneous User Interface enhancements
  • Added K1200, and more R1200 and R1150 Series models
  • Parsing for New ABS controller update of 1200 series

GS-911 version 1.14: 

  • Fixed a bug that showed up as "Login failed"...
  • Fixed support for 1150 and 1200 ranges showing whether a Fault code is currently present or not
  • Small usability issue around the "Activation information" in the Setup window.

GS-911 version 1.13: 

  • Minor bugfix on usability issue.
  • New Firmware for your interface (v0.6)

GS-911 version 1.12: 

  • ABSN "Failed to get Detailed information" bug fixed
  • BMSC & BMSC2 Status bug fixed
  • More user-friendly grouping of controllers under the Advanced Window
  • Defaulting to USB under Status Window
  • Added support for C-Series
  • Added support for F650CS
  • Removed Bluetooth option from PC app - Bluetooth is for GS-911Mobile ;-)
  • Various small usability issues revised