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When you look at the real-time values for your RDC controller, you will be presented with the following screen.

Input signals:

This section lists the pressures and temperatures of the front and rear wheel, as shown on your Instrument Cluster (KOMBI).

Pleas Note: The pressures as shown in this section (and on your Cluster) are compensated. This means that the cluster will show you the pressure as it would be IF the tire temperature was 25 degrees C.

Controller states:

Your RDC control unit can remember 2 wheel sets. These are identified as "Set A" and "Set B". The Controller states section will show any issues, such as low sensor battery etc. as well as the Sensor ID numbers for each wheel in both sets. You do NOT need to tell the control unit which set you are using, it will automatically just accept 2 ID's of the possible 4 that are saved to the control unit.

The Bottom section shows the current and RAW sensor data. That means if it is receiving data for 2 sensors, it will show you those sensor ID's, the sensor temperature, as well as the real (UNCOMPENSATED) pressure.  The last 2 values show the number of data frames as received from each sensor...



Some of the new sensors have 2 bar coded stickers on them. The short one (circled in yellow in the picture below) is the Sensor ID number.