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BlackBerry - cannot check for updates

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If your Blackberry is NOT on a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES):
Users that are not on a BES must make sure their Blackberry is configured for generic access to the internet. Even though you might be able to surf the web from your Blackberry, it still must be configured to allow third party applications to access the Internet.

If your Blackberry is on a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES):
You might need to contact your IT department and indicate that Mobile Data Services (MDS) must be enabled for both the Server AND your user account. The BES server itself must also be able to make outbound connections to the Internet. Users on a BES server will typically have two different browsers on their device. One browser is usually named by your carrier, and the second is called "Blackberry Browser". If you cannot surf the web with the "Blackberry Browser", your device is not configured for proper Internet access, and GS-911 won't work either.

Also have a look at the FAQ on How To Configure Full Internet Access on BlackBerry