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Can GS-911 flash my ECU?

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GS-911 does not support flashing of ECUs.

Flashing (reprogramming) of ECUs is done for two reasons,

  1. to remap the Fueling map(s) (and or Timing etc. - read: performance tuning) and,
  2. to update the firmware of the ECU (bugfixes, enhancements etc.)

We know there are a lot of people that would like to change the mapping as many of the stock motorcycles run pretty lean (probably for good emissions and fuel consumption), however this is risky business if you don't understand the system fully AND don't EXACTLY know what you're doing... Incorrectly remapping could cause serious or permanent damage to the engine, or turn your ECU into a pretty paperweight... The newer ECUs also have a limit on the amount of times they can be reprogrammed (13 if memory serves me correctly). Hence we leave this to BMW.