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Can GS-911 reset service reminders?

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Yes it can! - as of the 904 release version (that means April 2009)! This is available on ALL models that support Service Reminders (as of factory build September 2007).

To view and reset Service Reminders:

  1. Select your model Series (e.g. F-Series)
  2. select your model (e.g. F800GS)
  3. select "Special Functions" (on the same panel where all Control Modules are listed)
  4. select "Service reminder"

...the rest is pretty easy... child's play! ;-)


Here you see the Service Reminder screen... it shows current detail, such as Odometer reading, Motorcycle date, and Service Due date & mileage.


2 Buttons...

  • one that resets the Service Reminder with default values (one year from today AND 10,000km/6,000mi from current Odometer reading.
  • another that allows you to choose your own custom date as well as custom mileage (for advanced users ;-) )