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Can I use the PC application over bluetooth?

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The GS-911 Windows PC software is intended to be used over a USB connection... the bluetooth is intended for the mobile applications only...

however it is technically possible if you can configure your bluetooth correctly.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. You cannot update the firmware of the GS-911 interface over bluetooth - you have to be connected to the PC using a USB cable!
  2. You have to have your PC configured to use the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack! Other third party Bluetooth stacks are not supported.  As we have no idea what else you have installed on your PC, this is an exercise left to the you... Seriously, there are many different types of bluetooth hardware and drivers and it would be impossible for us to support all of them.

Once your PC's bluetooth is using the Operating System's bluetooth stack, then you simply pair with your GS-911 unit (remember, if asked for a pin, it is four zero's "0000"), and set up a bluetooth serial port. There after you select the correct COM port in the Setup of GS-911.

Once you can click the [Test] button and get the interface detail, your connection is working...