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Does the bluetooth version run on my Android?

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Manufacture and sales of the yellow bluetooth device has been discontinued. This FAQ is kept for historical purpose.

Meet Mr. Android and Mrs. GS-911!

To the right you can see :
  • a Samsung Galaxy S Tablet and
  • a HTC-based Google Nexus One



  • The device has to be Android 2.2 or later


Known Issues:

  • Not all devices that run Android 2.2 are suited, as some, such as the Samsung Spica seem to have issues with their bluetooth stack.. (this is out of our control)
  • Some devices cannot "see" the GS-911 interface when trying to pair with it.  This is an Android issue. Please see the section "Bluetooth Device Class ID issues" below.
  • Broadcomm Bluetooth stack bug on some HTC, LG, Samsung devices (like the Desire HD and Hero).  There seems to be a issue with the way it supports the SPP (Serial Port Profile), which makes the communication flaky at best (you will get typically get a "checksum failure" error on GS-911... nothing much we can do about that... but it might help if you complain to HTC... (google for this issue.. there are plenty of reports of people with these models who cannot communicate with a myriad of Bluetooth devices that use SPP - ranging from GPS, to temperature and data loggers etc...)


Bluetooth Device Class ID issues:

The Class of Device is based on a numbering scheme of the Bluetooth SIG and is returned on Inquiry requests from other
devices. The Class of Device indicates the basic functionality of a device like Mobile Phone, Printer, Headset. Bluetooth modules such as those used in GS-911, are shipped by the manufacturer with a default Class of Device of 00 00 (major minor), as these devices to not fall into any specific category.

Some Android flavors, (mostly Samsung, some HTC and LG), simply ignore any device that has a zero Device Class ID.  This means the Android device, finds the GS-911 device, requests it's Device Class ID and then on seeing that it is 00 00, simply ignores it (does not even list it when you do a device scan). You can try to run this app.

So what can be done about the Device Class ID issue?

Well, firstly enable bluetooth on your Android device, power up your GS-911 device (via USB or by plugging into a bike) and do a bluetooth device scan on your Android device.  If your Android device "sees" a GS-911 interface, then you do NOT have this issue!!!  You're ready to use GS-911 on your Android 2.2 device.

  • If however your Android 2.2 device cannot see the GS-911 interface, you probably have and Android device with this issue.
    • If you have a GS-911 with a serial# that starts with GS6.... (hardware with a newer bluetooth module) then we have an application that will change your Device Class ID from 00 00 (miscellaneous) to 1F 00 (uncategorized). You can download the BTclassUpdate.exe here [2MB].
    • If you have an older GS-911 interface that has a serial# that starts with GS4.... (older bluetooth module), there is not much you can do... unfortunately.. as this module does NOT have a feature to set the "Class ID" to something different.

David, a keen GS-911 owner and enthusiast, has taken this issue up with the HTC team, who eventually admitted that there is an issue, and agreed to "fix" it... (however we have no time-frame). 

We are of the opinion that this "feature" is something that the operators requested and/or want in the devices, as HTC devices with Android 2.1 did not have this issue, although the HTC and Samsung versions of Android 2.2 do!  Also, the plain vanilla flavour Android 2.2 from Google (running on the HTC Nexus One for example), does NOT have this issue!


Where do I get the Beta version of Android for GS-911?

Download and run the GS-911 Downloader from the downloads page.  See the related FAQ: What does the GS-911downloader do?


We need feedback! 

Once you have downloaded the Android version, please help us by sending us a mail to our Help Desk, letting us know:

  • Your mobile device (e.g. HTC Desire), including Android version (Settings -> About phone)
  • Any issues
  • Any suggestions


Installing the GS-911 Android application on your Android Device / phone / tablet

  • First make sure that you have clicked the setting on your phone that allows it to install non-market applications (under "Application Settings" or "Security", tick "Unknown Sources" ...see this how-to.
  • Now you need to get the .APK (android installation file onto your android device.. the easiest way is to use the GS-911downloader (see this F.A.Q.) ...Once the GS-911downloader has opened the web page that shows ALL your possible GS-911 downloads... look for the Android one... there you have 2 options:
  1. "E-mail download link to phone" : absolutely the easiest... send it to an email address that you can read on your Android device.. (once you receive the email, click on the link - this will download and install the software)
  2. "Click here to download the file" - this will download the file to your PC.. now you need to copy that file (a .APK file) from your PC to your android device (this exercise is trivial and left to the reader). Once it is on your android device, you need to use a file manager (something like Linda filemanager), navigate to were you copied it, and run it... this will install the application on your phone!). YES, option 1 is a lot easier!!!


Once the software is installed, you need to pair with the GS-911 device

Your GS-911 need to be powered (Green LED), either by plugging it into the bike or through USB from your PC.

  • Under the phones "Blootooth settings" menu, "Scan or devices", select your GS-911 device (pin is "0000"), and once done the description under the device should read: "Paired, but not connected"
  • Now that the GS-911 interface is paired with your Android device, proceed to run the GS-911 application. Under Menu->Options, select your GS-911 device (if it is not already selected), then exit this menu. To check that your Bluetooth connection is setup correctly, you can use Menu->Test... this will connect to the GS-911 interface and list some information (Firmware version, Serial#, bike's battery voltage , etc.)


Enjoy your GS-911 ! …and be sure to let us know how we can enhance it!