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Does the bluetooth version run on my iPhone?

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(This F.A.Q. applies to iPads and iPod Touch too!)


Update July 2014:

If you have an iPad or iPhone, then the GS-911wifi is for you! All Emergency functionality is supported on the iOS devices!! 


Update July 2010:

Found an informative Popular Mechanics article on "Apple Tax" 
How the "Apple Tax" Boosts Prices on iPod & iPhone Accessories


Update June 2010:

To have an iPhone app communicate directly with a device, the official way to do it is to apply for Apple's "Made for iPod / Works with iPhone" program.

Please note that the "Made for iPod / Works With iPhone program" is not just another approval process and agreeing to terms – for any Bluetooth device to talk to the iPhone/iPad etc., it will need to actually incorporate a special authentication chip, which naturally rules out any software-only solution to get an iPhone app to talk to a GS-911. This means a complete redesign of the hardware... NO way around that...


Update June 2009:

iPhone OS 3.0 is here!  Did it add the hooks needed to support GS-911 in  the future?

Difficult to say, Apple has made an "External Accessory" API available which covers connected Bluetooth devices as well. The lowdown technical information on whether this abstract API will actually be useful for standard Bluetooth serial port communications is only available to "Licensed developers" (ie. learn more = pay here)... clearly Apple only targets mass market accessory devices....

Some comments found online regarding iPhone 3.0 Bluetooth support:

Too bad it still doesn't support standard Bluetooth profiles like Serial Port Profile (SPP). Aside from headphones, iPhone will still not operate with standard Bluetooth devices; only those specially designed to work with it. Lame.



=== Original post ===

No  ...and we have no idea when it will, as this is 100% up to Apple...

At present there is no Java Virtual machine for the iPhone (and it seems like there won't be one soon - SUN Micosystems investigated this, but it seems that negotiations with Apple were not fruitful...

As an alternative, one could write a native application, as the SDK is now available, there is NO way one can do any Bluetooth communication using the SDK's API - as you probably are aware, bluetooth functionality on the iPhone is very limited ... At present (and until Apple release an update that rectifies/changes this) there is no way any application can use the bluetooth of the iPhone to communicate with the GS-911 interface...

Just to be sure, we confirmed this with Apple - here is their response:

"Hi Stephan,

Thanks for getting in contact and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I've had a chance to review your video, and it looks like you guys have a terrific product.

Unfortunately, at this time, the only supported bluetooth devices for iPhone are bluetooth headsets — we do not provide a generic architecture for software to communicate via bluetooth."


And Yes, we know about Firmware 3.0, and even iOS 4 and newer.... but up to date, there still is NO way to communicate data to a standard 3rd party Bluetooth device over SPP!

The iPhone is a great device, and we will keep an eye out for updates...