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Does the bluetooth mobile version have service functionality?

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Manufacture and sales of the yellow bluetooth device has been discontinued. This FAQ is kept for historical purpose.


No.  Due to numerous reasons, the bluetooth mobile versions are Emergency Diagnostic tools only. This means they can read ECU information, read and clear fault codes and show real-time values. The Service & Maintenance functionality is only available in the PC/Laptop version and in the cloud.

The screen real-estate as well as input methods are *very* limited on many of the mobiles that the GS-911 Mobile version runs on, and it makes it near impossible from a user interface perspective.  And yes, some are very good, but if we do it for one mobile version, then we have to do it for all, and that's not going to be possible... If you want to service your motorcycle, use the PC/Laptop version or the GS-911wifi web interface.