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Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute

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This message is related to downloading the GS911Verifier.jar and GS911mobile.jar versions.

If you are getting this message, it means you are clicking on the file and you PC has an assosiation with .jar and is trying to run (execute) the file.  Keep in mind that this file is intended to execute on a mobile device and not on a PC.

The solution: right-click and save as... then get it onto your phone (either bluetooth or whatever software application your mobile vendor bundled with your phone) - We expect everyone to be capable of installing a Java midlet application onto their mobile phone - this is outside the scope of GS-911.

If you're stuck at getting the .jar file onto your phone, we suggest you contact your mobile vendor, or do some Google searches on "how to install Java applications on {add your model here}".