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Firmware updates keep failing and/or repeating

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In some cases your GS-911wifi interface might have a very old version of base firmware (typically when the device firmware was not updated for many years). This will require a different type of upgrade process. This is specifically applicable when the GS-911 applications reports BSV (Base System Version) as 0.24-XX-X under Interface Information or the About screen on the web interface.

  1. If your GS-911wifi is configured to connect to your Home or Office Wifi Accress point (Infrastructure Mode), then use the web app to perform a firmware upgrade by going to "Setup->Check for Updates".
  2. If you cannot access the interface using the Web App, use the GS-911wifi Utility to "Check for updates" and perform the upgrade there. This requires your device Firmware to be on a minimum version of 0.230-X.XXX 
  3. If your firmware is also too old, please contact to get your interface upgraded to the latest firmware.

In summary : If your Base System Version is on
0.24-XX-X you cannot currently use the GS-911 PC Application to perform the upgrade, but rather you should use the web frontend or the GS-911wifi Utility on Windows or Mac.