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How do I get the GS911Verifier.jar onto my mobile?

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This holds true for the GS911Mobile.jar software too.

All mobiles are different - read your mobile device's user manual to figure out how to install additional Java applications. You can download this file in the downloads section, then get it onto your mobile as per your device's possibilities (i.e Bluetooth the file to it, upload it to the mobile, using the management software from the vendor or download it directly onto your mobile (see the next point...)

The GS911Verifier,jar is intended to be run on java-enable mobile phones that can run midlet applications, like your typical Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc (not for use with Windows Mobile devices, Android or BlackBerries).

And if you're trying to download it onto your PC, and are getting "Failed to load main-class manifest from C:\.....", then your GS911Verifier.jar file is trying to execute (run) on your PC... This is intended for mobile devices only... and if it is trying to execute it probably means you are clicking on the file (left-clicking) an you PC Operating system wants to open it... Please right-click an use "Save as"...