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How do I send you my PC App debug log files?

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The debug log files help us to analyze application, communication and other issues.  These should NOT be confused with the real-time log files, which are CSV-style files of your ECU sensor real-time/live data!

What do I need to do?

  • Under Tools->Send Logs, just decide whether you want to send "Today's logs" or "This week's logs" 
  • enter your email address - so we can contact you in case we have more questions
  • Add additional information, like the HelpDesk Ticket number or any other reference that we can connect to this set of log files.

SendLogs.png     ThisWeeksLogs1.png


What do we do with them?

We use them to analyze the problem/issue you reported. Remember to attach a HelpDesk Ticket# or other reference...

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