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How do I view my logged data?

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In 2009 we added the ability to log real-time data.  As the GS-911 Interface itself does not have any flash memory to save logged data, the real-time data is saved on the host device (PC or mobile device). As a result, the capacity is dependent on how much free space there is on your host device (especially keep this in mind with older phones and mobile devices!).

The PC version logs the data to a .CSV file (semicolon ";" separated) - see the "How-do-i-import-and-view-the-csv-realtime-data" FAQ on how to view the .CSV data.

The Mobile versions have the ability to upload the logged data to our server.  This functionality is still in testing, hence there is no direct link to logbook application... Once you have uploaded the data from your mobile device, it will show you the URL to the logbook application:

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