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How do the Professional and Enthusiast versions differ?

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Starting in 2009, we added Service & Maintenance functionality to GS-911. Along with this we started differentiating between a GS-911 Enthusiast version and a GS-911 Professional version.

The only limitation that the Enthusiast version has is that the Service Functionality is limited to 10 motorcycles - this is done using each motorcycles unique VIN.  This DOES NOT apply to the pre-2009 "Emergency functionality" (Reading ECU info, reading and clearing Fault codes and real-time values). These, you can run on as many motorcycles as you wish.. without the VIN limitation coming into play at all - We don't want to prevent you from helping your stranded buddy at the roadside...

The Enthusiast/Professional differences affects the PC/Laptop and Wifi software, as the Service & Maintenance functionality is added ONLY to the PC/Laptop and Wifi software i.e. the Mobile(Bluetooth) software will remain an Emergency Diagnostic Tool and thus remain status quo.

If that was not clear yet.. There is NO VIN LIMIT on the Emergency functionality, hence you can use it on a gazillion motorcycles... ;-) 

For more information on the VIN limitiation, pls see the VINlimit page. 

Also see related FAQ: "Can I delete a VIN entry from my VIN list?"

And for upgrade options (from Enthusiast to Professional version), pls see the FAQ: How do I upgrade to the Professional version?