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How do the Professional and Enthusiast versions differ?

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Starting in 2009, we are adding Service & Maintenance functionality to GS-911. Along with this we are differentiating between a GS-911 Enthusiast version and a GS-911 Professional version.

The only limitation that the Enthusiast version has is that the Service Functionality is limited to 10 motorcycles - this is done using each motorcycles unique VIN.  This DOES NOT apply to the pre-2009 "Emergency functionality" (Reading ECU info, reading and clearing Fault codes and real-time values). These, you can run on as many motorcycles as you wish.. without the VIN limitation coming into play at all - We don't want to prevent you from helping your stranded buddy at the roadside...

The Enthusiast/Professional differences only affect the PC/Laptop and Wifi software, as the Service & Maintenance functionality is added ONLY to the PC/Laptop and Wifi software (i.e. the Mobile(Bluetooth) software will remain an "Emergency Diagnostic Tool" with the current reading of ECU information, the reading and clearing of Fault codes and Real-time values) and thus remain status quo ( and if that was not clear enough yet.. There is NO VIN LIMIT on the Emergency functionality, hence you can use it on a gazillion motorcycles... ;-) )

For more information on the VIN limitiation, pls see the VINlimit page. 

Also see related FAQ: "Can I delete a VIN entry from my VIN list?"

And for upgrade options (from Enthusiast to Professional version), pls see the FAQ: How do I upgrade to the Professional version?