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How long will the introductory offer last?

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The introductory offer of US$249 for the GS-911blu and US$199 for the GS-911usb has expired on 2 October 2007,

Note: The rest of this FAQ is kept for historical purposes.

The new recommended retail prices are US$299 and US$249 for the GS-911blu and GS-911usb respectively.  This is an increase of US$50, that is used to subsidize the reseller network...

So, what will the bottom line be for the end customer?

Well, let's take a customer in the USA for example. At the old introductory price without the Resellers, the customer would be charged $249 for a GS-911blu unit, with an additional shipping charge of $55, making up a total of $304 - without the potential TAX and Duties on landing...

With the Reseller network in place, the customer would be charged a recommended retail price of US$299 + the cost of the local shipping ($10 to $15, depending on the type and priority), which in the end would yield around the same cost or worst-case a slight increase (as you can see, around $5) in the total cost, with the added advantages of:

  • a local reseller,
  • first-tier support in the same time-zone
  • no issues or time delays due to Duties
  • no need to ship a unit all the way to South Africa if it requires attention