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The GS-911 Downloader does not find my GS-911usb/blu device on Windows 7/8/10

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Note: This only affects the yellow GS-911usb Gen 1 and GS-911blu interfaces. It does not affect the red GS-911usb Gen 2, GS-911wifi or GS-911 3-pin.



We have been seeing a trend in customers who have newer Windows 10 machines getting a driver signature verification error when attempting to run the GS-911 Downloader software. While the GS-911 Downloader's driver is signed, the signature does not meet updated requirements from Microsoft, resulting in the error message. This only affects (1) new PCs/laptops that were sold with Windows 10 Anniversary edition (or newer) pre-installed, and (2) some older Windows PCs (eg. Windows 7) that are managed in a Windows domain with strict driver verification configured.


Problem symptom

When you first run the GS-91 Downloader application and are prompted to connect the device to the PC, a message is shown with the following information:

Failed to communicate with the GS911 interface. Please check that the interface and USB cable is connected properly to a USB socket
No USB device found

To confirm that this is due to a driver verification mismatch, open the Windows Device Manager and navigate to Universal Serial Bus controllers. A yellow exclamation triangle next to the HEX Code USB or Bluetooth interface should be visible:


Opening the HEX Code device's properties (right-click and select Properties) will display the following in the Device status box:



We have released version 1805.3 of the GS-911 Downloader utility that will install certified USB drivers that are fully compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. See the related announcement.

Note that the current GS-911 PC application version 1711.3 does not include these drivers yet, so for customers installing the software for the first time on a PC, it will uninstall the new certified drivers. If this happens, the GS-911 Downloader can simply be launched again to reinstall the certified drivers.


Previous work-around

There are numerous guides on the internet detailing exactly how to turn off the driver signature verification in Windows, for example this one: (Method 1 seems to work for most users. Method 2 may be easier to follow, but is not permanent)

For older Windows versions on a domain that exhibit this problem, the work-around is different, because the domain administrator may not want to relax the driver signature verification settings.

If the PC must remain on the domain (eg. a company PC):

  • Use the GS-911 Downloader on another PC to download the GS-911 software installer and copy it to the desired PC where you want to install it. The driver problem may still occur with the GS-911 software too, though.

If the PC is not actively being used on a domain:

  • Remove the PC from the domain manually
    1. Navigate to Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Computer Name
    2. Press the "Change..." button ("to rename this computer")
    3. Change the membership from "Domain" to "Workgroup". Choose any workgroup name that works for you (eg. "HOME").
    4. Press OK and restart the PC as prompted.
    5. After leaving the domain, it is likely needed to follow the same steps to disable driver signature verification as explained above, before you can run the GS-911 software successfully.