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Trade-in Terms & Conditions

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1. Only genuine HEX GS-911blu or HEX GS-911usb interfaces are eligible for a Trade-in Discount.

2. Traded interfaces are eligible for the either of the following:

  • US $100* Discount on a GS-911wifi Enthusiast (10-Pin or OBD) purchased.
  • US $200* Discount on a GS-911wifi Professional (10-Pin or OBD) purchased
  • * Or estimated equivalent in your local currency

3. You are responsible to ensure that the original GS-911 interface is delivered to the appropriate address. Use a reputable and traceable shipping method.

4. Include a printed copy of the Trade-in confirmation email you received along with the original GS-911 interface that you will ship to HEX or your local distributor.

5. HEX takes ownership of the original interface only once it has been marked as received by HEX or by any of HEX’s authorised distributors.

6. The Trade-in Discount will only be issued once the original interface has been marked as received by HEX or by any of HEX’s authorised distributors.

7. Once the interface has been marked as received or the Discount Coupon has been issued, the original interface will be permanently disabled.  This is process is final cannot be reversed. Neither HEX nor the the distributor can return the original interface. It is no longer functional.

8. Any Discount Coupon is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

9. ny Discount Coupon can only be used once, for the specific type of GS-911 Wifi you selected to purchase when submitting your trade-in request. i.e. if you requested a trade-in for an Enthusiast interface, it cannot be used on a Professional interface, and vice versa.

10. For the trade-in program, “direct to HEX” orders will be fulfilled either from our UK based warehouse, or our South African based warehouse.

11. Cross border shipping, duties and taxes will apply. These are for your account.

12. Once you receive your new GS-911 WiFi interface, you will have to register it.

13. By shipping your original GS-911 interface you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.